Virality Company is a design and branding
agency catering to the creative
millennial entrepreneur.

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Our consultation begins with a digital inquiry form that gathers every fine-haired detail that we would need to bring your vision to life. This step is important so take your time.


We pride ourselves in staying up to date with industry standards. We research social trends, color psychology, and marketing trends to assess the best design options for your brand. We also use other key factors in determining the best design structure for your brand or business.

Mockup Editing

We are committed to our clients satisfaction. Our duo partners with clients during the final review stage to ensure that every detail of the design has been executed. We want to ensure that we bring your vision to life even down to the smallest details.


Now you can exhale! We love to prepare and educate ourclients on the best options for launching their brand or business. We offer mockup displays for social media promotion, as well as resources to connect you to the proper assistance. We want to bring your business to life and set you up for a long successful journey.

Britnee Alphin

Hey Love! Thank you so much for connecting with Vrlty. My name is Britnee. I am a photographer and marketing & branding nerd. I have a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Public Relations and an Associate degree in Journalism. I dabble in a little bit of everything from writing to graphic design to photography, you name it! I just love all things creative and I enjoy creating brands for passionate millennial entrepreneurs. We are the fastest growing entrepreneurial generation and I love seeing how dope and unique our businesses and brands are. I can't wait to connect with you and bring your vision to life! Chat soon.

Dorian Alphin

What's up all! It's been long overdue that I pulled up a seat into the creative entrepreneur industry. Dating back 10+ years operating as a small business owner & graphic design contractor, I've managed to successfully build brands from scratch to industry standard. Most would call me a renaissance man due to the many hats I wear, but I've consistently been intentional about creating my own lane in the digital design space. Anyway, I hope this helps let you in on who I am. I've always preferred my work speak best for me, let's work!


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